lgbttiq exhibition


germany – berlin
tom of finland art & culture festival
“art speaks trough us” – group exhibition
curator: pierre emö, berlin



belgium – brussels
lesbiennale – lesbian arts festival
“el*c lesbien arts festival 2021” – group exhibition
curators: el*c team, brussels

germany – cologne
the stage gallery / sankt apern / kreishausgalerie
“first stage vol. 1” – group exhibition
curators: maruan bahrour, cologne


england – london
the nave 2020
“#artonquarantine” – group exhibition
curators: the nave collective, london

england – london
multidisciplinary festival of art
“i am my body, i am my memory” – group exhibition
touring exhibition: venezia / paris / berlin / london
curators: action hybride collective paris

england – london
the nave presents: we consume
“we consume” – group exhibition
curators: the nave collective, london

united states – fort lauderdale
thou art woman
“(mis)behave: lesbian folklore & more” – group exhibition
curator: g. wright muir, co-curated and co-hosted by artserve

tunisia – tunis
mawjoudin queer film festival 2020 – a queer film and art festival in tunisia where being gay is illegal
“art exhibition” – group exhibition
artistic organisation: tunisian human rights organisation mawjoudin

germany – cologne
photoszene-festival köln 2020
“fluchthelfer” – solo exhibition
artistic director: heide häusler

germany – cologne
menschen malen 2020
“menschen malen” – group exhibition
curators: luis manrique-engels, christian cardeneo, tobias schulenburg


england – london
the bow bunker
“permanent exhibition” – group exhibition
curator: creative debuts team


united states – new york
one art space gallery, manhattan
“outlines” – group exhibition
curator: furusho von puttkammer
co-curator: rob redding

canada – toronto
festival of queer art and performance
“nuit rose 2019” – group exhibition

england – london
les fetes galantes
“curarte” – group exhibition
curator: anna beketov

england – oxford
oxford pride
“holdtight – oxford pride queer arts exhibition” – group exhibition

germany – berlin
haus der kulturen der welt
“queering memory international lgbtiq+” – group exhibition

scotland – glasgow
glasgow gallery of photography
“pop up exhibition” – group exhibition

italy – rome
loosen art – millepiani rome gallery
“glitches and defects” – group exhibition

canada – montreal
germany – leipzig
fondation phi pour l’art contemporain
museum der bildende künste
within yoko ono’s touring exhibition “peace is power”
texas’ testament and photographs are shown in yoko’s participation art “arising”.

england – brighton
seas – socially engaged art salon
“the spectre of the real” – group exhibition
curator: russell honeyman

united states – algoma, wisconsins
james may gallery
“art of water” – group exhibition 

england – london
creative debuts
“international womxn’s day exhibition”
curator: creative debuts team
co-curator: ashton attzs

united states – new york
trestle gallery as a part of the bric biennial 
“lesbian matters” – phoenix lindsey-hall’s exhibition
texas and glory’s photographs are included.

united states – fort lauderdale
1310 gallery
“thou art woman:  at the edge” – group exhibition
curator: dr. sarah clunis, director of the xavier university art gallery, new orleans, and assistant professor of art history

england – leeds
wharf chambers
excessive human collective – “the ingenious ones – part III” – group exhibition
curators: excessive human collective – eva leemans, imogen reeve and marie koehl

2018 – 2019

germany – wiesbaden
frauen museum wiesbaden
“pride being l” – group exhibition
beatrixe klein, director frauenmuseum wiesbaden
kim engels, ceo frauenmuseum wiesbaden, and team


germany – berlin
schwules museum* berlin
“proudly perverted” – group exhibition
curator: dr. birga meyer, curator haus der wannsee konferenz


we invite you to take a look at our event gallery. there are a lot of fantastic photos and videos of our exhibitions.


exhibition details

2019 leipzig, mdbk museum der bildenden künste leipzig “yoko ono – peace is power” 

“yoko ono is one of the most influential and controversial artists of our time. she is considered a pioneer of artistic performance and conceptual art as well as one of the outstanding pioneers of the us fluxus movement.”

peace, performance and participation: yoko ono’s art practice has been breaking new ground for decades. one of her participation art is “arising”. she has invited women all over the world to participate. we are very touched and delighted that texas’ text is part of yoko’s exhibition. “arising” is included in “yoko ono – peace is power”. this is a touring exhibition all over the world.

yoko ono arising

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2019 new york, brooklyn “lesbian matters”

the exhibition “lesbian matters” is

“a collective snapshot that reflects a contemporary lesbian objecthood. … lesbian matters is an art project that explores the personal and material effects that are collect through our lives. these personal collections of postcards, trinkets, letters, photographs, and buttons serve as reminders of life’s queer moments. what are the objects that make up your life?”

for the exhibition at trestle gallery as part of the bric biennial, brooklyn based artist  phoenix lindsey-hall has collected objects, stories, and personal artifacts that mark lesbian life. the items of the exhibition will be housed permanently at the lesbian herstory archives, new york. our contribution are pictures of our activsm during the pride in cologne, 2018. to carry a coffin in front of thousands participants of the parade with nearly one million spectators was our magic moment.


in 2018, the schwules museum* berlin launched the “year of the women*” as a queer-feminist intervention spread over twelve months. i’m so proud that i will be part of this amazing year.

“the constructions of social inequality and the interference of different, competing and complementary forms of discrimination based on gender, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation and different abilities are brought into focus”

this is the museum’s description of its plan in 2018. since its founding in 1985, mainly stories of white gay cis-men have been told. it’s time for a change:

in summer 2018, you can discover texas’ art work in the schwules museum* berlin. among other things, texas’ briefs are exhibited in a museum. no kidding! that’s really the truth.


also in 2018, the frauen museum wiesbaden is focusing on “pride being l”. as they state, the exhibition is going to explore what l does stand for in lgbtiq.

they chose to show our photo series rock-paper-scissors. we are a little surprised about this, because we consider this work to be very explicit. so we are even more happy that we can take part in this exhibition.

they describe the concept of the exhibition as follows:

“what does it mean to be lesbian, to live lesbian today? the artistic examination of L offers the possibility to illuminate lesbian ways of life or to make them visible, to question stereotypes and to put the understanding of sexual orientation and gender to the test. has lesbian life arrived at the centre of society beyond sexualised ideas and clichés?

it is said that lesbians are invisible and a dying identity. in view of the historically unique situation that several generations can show themselves openly in a more tolerant society, there should have been an increasing lesbian presence over the years. (…) it also seems that “queer” would rather be elevated to an alternative identity than be called a “lesbian”. (press release, stephanie kuhnen (ed.), lesbians out! for more lesbian visibility, querverlag, 2017)”