“f*ems (females* for equality making stuff) magazine 2019”
our project “glass ceiling” is in the issue 15 of 2019.

united states
“fake news magazine 2019”
the revolutionary punkhouse press presents “fake news”. this is “a diy-centric comic, music, and political zine that looks to truly cover the underground arts. .. it is “a community driven zine on punk culture!” you can find some lomography photographs of punks in the summer edition of 2019.

united kingdom
“slevin magazine” 2019
slevin is “the red thread of your creative and artistic mind.
an independent magazine focusing on art, fashion, music, culture, creative writing and down-right crazy things.”
in the magazine’s edition of january 2019, you can find some artwork of texas & glory.

united kingdom
“a5” art magazine 2018
a5 magazine is an industry fucused art zine. in the magazine’s edition of september 2018, you can find some artwork of texas & glory.

“missy magazine” 2018
“missy is the magazine for pop, politics and feminism…feminism is passé? we don’t think so. feminism is horny. that’s why missy.” we do fit perfectly well to missy magazine. just browse through the magazine’s edition of november 2018. missy – we love you.

“giddyheft” and “jungsheft” 2018
wow! in december’s edition, something is to be seen from texas & glory in “giddyheft” and “jungsheft”. according to the self-evaluation of the producers, their magazines are “as if created by god”. they are meant for girls and boys over 18. we don’t want to reveal too much. but it is pretty good.