texas & glory, are you stoppable?
nothing is static or constant. at this point in time, we are sorry that we have to inform you: the answer is -> no! with full conviction!

are you just making work for shock value?
busted! not all of our work has a reason behind it. and we don´t like bits and pieces that leave the recipient feeling lost and confused more than before having seen it. so feel free to interpret our work. maybe you can find the message we didn´t find. by the way, sometimes there really is a hidden agenda. but we don’t want to tell anybody what they should think about our work or what they should recognize in it.

much of your work has to do with sexuality. are you really good in bed?
yes of course! is something else more important for women than looking phenomenally good and being fantastic in bed?

do you have a patron?
hell, yeah! everybody should have a patron!

since when can you live on your art?
we have left the business. this is similar to ex-smokers or ex-girlfriends. sometimes you repress, sometimes you forget, and sometimes you never quite get rid of them.

where do you get inspiration?
we do it like the chinese. the lack of interest of chinese pirates in a product is a good indicator of failure. just kidding, we find inspiration everywhere.

what do you like best?
dancing. glory loves dancing. the best party is within yourself.