form your own opinion by exploring what we have to say about us and about our work. you can also let our work speak for itself. you might want to discover our blog if you’re interested in what we experience and what thoughts we have.

if you’re interested in other people’s opinions, please browse through the press or follow film festival juries and museum curators. check whether you like what they’ve chosen. in the end, it’s totally subjective. it’s all individual opinions and inividuals’ perception.

we are well aware that our art work provokes one or the other. we’re not forcing anyone to look at it. if it’s too explicit for you, just stay away.┬áif it provokes you, you might want to think about the reasons for your emotion.

“no, i don’t suffer from freckles,” said pippi.
“but dear child, you have the whole face full of freckles!” “sure,” said pippi, “but i don’t suffer from them. i like them. good morning!” she went out again. in the door she turned around and shouted: “but if they should perhaps get some stuff in from which you can get more freckles, then you can send me seven to eight cans.”