in our variation of rock-paper-scissors you can only win – no matter whether you identify as queer, lesbian, gay, non-binary, inter, trans, * or even straight. We call it “feminist porn” as this version of rock-paper-scissors is sexually explicit and focuses on women*.


for most people dealing with female* sexuality, desire, and needs is an intimate and private matter which is totally ok. but it also does have a political component as far as we’re concerned. the representation of sex is a mirror of the respective society. female* sexuality does not receive the same attention in society as male sexuality does. it’s about the visibility of female* sexuality and in turn of lesbian sexuality. the term “feminist porn” will probably be associated by many of you with cuddly sex and love stories. totally wrong! feminist pornography and also lesbian sex is much more.


“our society tends to ignore porn, to regard it as secondary and disreputable, to see it as a genre that has nothing to do with other aspects of life. but that is not true, because porn is not just porn, it is a discourse, a certain way of talking about sex. it takes a certain look at the masculine and the feminine. but it is an almost 100% masculine (and often macho) discourse, there are hardly any female voices.” (erika lust – female* porn producer)


one can hardly find any information on sti (sexually transmitted infections) prevention for women* who have sex with women*. this artwork shall remind us to no longer ignore hiv, aids, and other stis amongst women*.