fraternity menstruria

the fraternity menstruria is based in cologne on the rhine – world-famous for its customs and traditions. their colour is red – orange – yellow – green – blue – violet.




princess agroppina is the founder of the menstruria fraternity. she was born in 1789 on a rough winter night in cologne on the rhine. the revolution was put into her cradle. it was november 23rd. at midnight, her royal mother therese screamed for her life and gave birth to agroppina in terrible pain. therese died that night and her daughter was the last of a total of eight children of therese.


with the help of ominous figures, therese had already had seven abortions before – each time in the face of death, as information about medically justifiable abortions was unknown to her. even today, women are still denied easy access to information about abortions. eight children were enough for the court and yet her husband was insatiable. no intestine stopped his fertile sperm, so therese was constantly pregnant. but not even her death stopped her! her daughter agroppina should have a different fate than therese herself – a bright future!


agroppina spent her childhood and youth under the strict supervision and teaching of her governess friedelda. agroppina’s life was dedicated to education and the fine arts. she travelled the whole world. she rode through her life with her robes blowing. the ribbons in her hair fluttered wildly in the wind. she was very smart, beautiful and full of unbridled lust for life. Her faithful companion was her maid luna, courageous, strong, beautiful and intelligent. they loved each other in africa under the glowing sun of the savannah. and even in the loneliness of the chilean mountains no leaf fit between the two. but their love had to remain hidden, otherwise death would have threatened them. in the eyes of the broad majority of society and the ruling authorities, their love was contrary to custom and decency.


so in 1818, together with other strong, courageous, intelligent and rebellious women, they founded the menstruria fraternity to fight for the introduction of matriarchy, the abolition of male suffrage and a 100% quota for the occupation of all public offices by women. well, of course our founders* didn’t know about the little star yet – for them, reaching for the stars was both an incentive and a goal!
the menstruria fraternity, which has worked in secret for many years, includes numerous successful women* from politics, business and the educational elite. a strictly feminist alliance for a whole life. long live matriarchy!


heil menstruria!