sparkling pride

our bodies - our rules!

sparkling pride is a series of photos of vulvas that might be considered as being provocative. but it could also be perceived as courageous. the vulva is not only a huge taboo in our society but also for most women* themselves – no matter whether they define themselves cis or trans. unfortunately, the vulva is full of shame.


many women* don’t know what their own vulva looks like. if at all, women* usually leave it to their sex partners to catch a glimpse at their vulva. they don’t even have a word for the part of their body the vulva is located in. the vulva is declared as a woman*’s most intimate zone. nothing against intimacy. but in the worst case scenario, neither talking about it nor even having words for it can also result in not having power over it.


in contrast, we want to make a strong statement against the demonization of female* lust and sexuality.


there is a fatal double standard within our society. in japan for instance, the kanamara matsuri, the “festival of the steel phallus“, is celebrated officially. in many other countries the phallus is worshipped as well. the phallus is given power and space. there are patriarchal structures to ensure that women* continue to be ashamed of their vulva and in turn feel inferior.


that’s why we celebrate the vulva.


we decorate vulvas with sparkle and glitter. we want all women* to be proud of their vulva regardless of whether it’s sparkling or all-natural. it’s about woman*’s self-determination – beyond all social and religious norms, standards, and barriers. we are not objects of others. our bodies belong to us.


by the way, we always look for women* who would like to participate to this project. contact us if you wish to enrich the gallery of vulvas.


the small print: according to the manufacturer, the glitter is made from maize starch, guaranteed free from heavy metals and petroleum-based plastics. it’s vegan, organic, and compostable.