when I think of liverpool I think of the beatles and punk as well. great idols of the punk scene like the sex pistols and the ramones have been liverpools guests. the great punk era of that time may not exist in this form in liverpool, but the anger, the rebellion against the establishment and the lack of perspective that has influenced many punkers in their music, these reasons have unfortunately remained in the world for many people. the bad conditions, the unequal chances and the great injustice and the power relations of the world have intensified for many people. with or without punk.

apart from punk there is also a gigantic art and culture scene in liverpool. top-class galleries and exhibitions make liverpool britain’s most important art centre after london. in 2018 the biennial can be seen in this city. the renowned art magazine a5 also has its homebase in liverpool. the a5 magazine prints a photograph of us in their september 2018 edition. because we probably don’t make good, submissive women’s art or adapted mainstream art that is out to please everyone in the best possible way, we also feel more like feminist art punks. punkĀ“s not dead! we feel very honored and happy about it.


September 10, 2018