today we received an exciting email from louisville, usa.  some people don’t perceive pennsylvania as one of the most modern places in the world.

most people know louisville as the birthplace of box champion muhammad ali. in april 1967, ali´s title was taken from him after he refused to do military service. he justified this with his faith. but on the other hand, he also questioned that all americans had equal rights: “no, I will not help murder and burn another poor nation 10,000 miles away from home just to help secure the domination of white slave lords over the darker peoples of the world”.

in louisville, legends were born. from our point of view, it perfectly fits that our film “loop” will be shown at the louisville lgbt film festival 2018. don´t take as too serious on that. bruce as the main actor is of course not quite as legendary as ali. but we are nevertheless very happy. moreover, “loop” is not only shown once, but twice. it will be screened directly together with the opening film of the festival and then again in the short film session.


July 31, 2018