i’ve been thinking for a long time whether or not to put the reference to this exhibition on the internet site. really long. something like one or two seconds. it’s still the case today that many people are not “out”. the reasons for this are manifold. to come out as a lesbian is one thing. outgoing a sex-positive attitude is another matter. women often experience sexuality with shame. they are often denied the self-determined treatment of sexuality. i don’t want to point to the supposedly evil men here. it is also often the women themselves who cannot or don’t want to talk openly about sexuality. that’s also the case among women.

many people think that sexuality is something that can only take place between two people in secrecy. in principle, there is nothing against intimate moments between two people without public. but it also has a political component. something socially relevant. what happens behind drawn curtains is a mirror of society. it shows hierarchies and reflects power relations. it shows who desires, who is desirable and who may behave like being desirable. even if sexuality takes place in secrecy it still is politically relevant.

to big is the fear and the shame of women. women are often taught that it is very desirable for them to please – especially others. my impression of the lesbian scene is that there is very rarely openly spoken about sex. lesbian sexuality is multifaceted. you can meet it playfully and expand the room more and more. in my opinion, it is very worthwhile to expand the boundaries and to open up new horizons of (s)experience. from that you can learn a lot about yourself and also about others. be open, be courageous and curious. i think it’s worth it.

sorry mattel, barbie never was my favorite role model. i prefer tough women who know what they want and who live self-determined. women whose purpose in life is to please others are not helpful in conquering the world into an equal world.

July 30, 2018