for most people, everyday life is usually a constant struggle not to drown. the world spins faster and faster and yet most people go more and more into this madness. lack of time is a constant companion. no time for this, no time for that. the lives felt in a constant lack. you are not enough, it is not enough. delusions of optimization on all levels. no matter whether it is about nutrition, the body, the mind or simply about more consumption. more. more and more and less time for what is actually important. no end in sight.

but what is actually really important? that is almost already a philosophical question. my personal summary from the less and less available seeming time is actually simple: 24 hours remain 24 hours. time won’t be any more. so there is no time to lose to do what is fun.

we love funny and creative challenges! we have faced a cinematic, ultimate high speed and high pressure challenge.

48h of hygge! exactly our thing! a funny idea, but above all creative and very demanding in terms of time.

the task: you only have 48 hours to produce a complete film! complete means complete. from the conception, shooting, editing, etc. everything has to be done in 48 hours. full high speed program. for the starting shot the theme will be announced and 3 items which must be included in the movie.

we started together with 24 registered teams. we are jaggedly intermeshed and were the very first team to hand in our film.

for many this challenge was unfortunately too hard: of 24 only 10 have managed to create and finish a film in this crazy time completely. too bad. but maybe you have to be pretty crazy to do something like that?

our film will be shown with the other finished ones in denmark in the cinema. What an honour!

September 17, 2018