for many, berlin is the embodiment of gentrification which has attracted a lot of nasty investors and project developers. berlin has never been really cheap – at least not for those who have lived there for a long time.

“there’s the beautiful theory of the tipping point. this is the point at which a development takes a new direction or is strongly accelerated. the internet encyclopedia wikipedia gives as a good example the production of popcorn: you heat the oil in which the corn grains lie, then nothing happens for a long time – and suddenly, at just over 160 degrees celsius, they pop up and become popcorn. In a similar way the hype around the capital could fail because of itself, if it gets around that the city became above all expensive and in addition too full, in order to make a pleasant life feeling possible. With the pace at which rents are rising, you want to bet: the tipping point for berlin comes before that airport is ready out there.” (the world).

tipping point or not, in autumn it gets hot again in berlin – grab your bag of popcorn and donĀ“t miss the porn film festival berlin! there you can watch our film “loop”!

July 23, 2018