our film loop has been selected and will be shown at the international queer film festival merlinka in belgrade, serbia. bruce and tom, the leading actors in the film loop, will once again be shown on a screen in a historic city.

the melrinka festival was named after vjeran miladinović merlinka, a transgender sex worker and actress who was murdered in 2003.

lgbt topics are still taboo in the serbian education system. in belgrade there is a small lgbt scene, but only hidden. the scene is invisible to the outside. there is almost nobody there who walks through the streets publicly visible and recognizable as belonging to lgbt. it is dangerous. the society is very conservative. once a year a pride takes place under massive police protection in the serbian capital belgrade. but this is not a happy celebration. in most years the pride was forbidden.

we often feel powerless and helpless when we see how and under what circumstances people have to live in other countries. this is exactly why we are very happy that our film is shown in such countries at the different lgbt festivals. maybe we give a little cheerfulness and lightheartedness for a moment to the community there and can cheer up the people there a little in the otherwise not particularly shining everyday life as lgbt members. it would be too much to call it “empowerment”, even if we would like to do so.


October 3, 2018